custom closet organizers

Accessories & Organizers

Discover the joy of a perfectly organized wardrobe where every shoe, tie, belt, and jewel has its place. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to longevity for your cherished items.

Accessories and organizers chosen just for you

We offer a wide variety of closet organizers to help you keep up with your closet organization. Here are just a few that you can choose from:

shoe rack

Shoe Racks

Avoid tripping over, stepping on and otherwise crushing your footwear! When your shoes are in a shoe rack, they’ll stay out of the way and in perfect condition.

tie rack

Tie Racks

Sick and tired of wrinkled, wilted neckties? A tie rack is just the accessory you need to keep your ties in pristine condition between wearings.

belt rack

Belt Racks

A belt not stored on a proper belt rack is prone to curling up on your closet floor. Not only does this make it hard to find a belt when you need one, but it also makes them more prone to breakage and cracking.

jewelry organizer

Jewelry Organizers

If you don’t have a place to keep valuable heirlooms or pretty costume jewelry, a lined jewelry organizer can keep your chains untangled and your earrings from getting lost.

Take control with accessories & organizers

When you have a custom closet designed and built for you by Bethesda Custom Closets, we integrate a variety of closet organizers to help you store your items properly. Not only does this optimize your space, but it also allows you to keep your belongings well-maintained which will make them last longer.

Our Happy Customers

5 stars from reviews on Google

I don't typically write reviews but I think all the team at Bethesda Closets did extraordinary work and totally aimed to please me as the customer. My custom closet is just that custom. I have shared their name with so many other people, contractors, and 2 design companies. Their steadfast attention to detail was what I sought and it is what they delivered. I even needed 1 or 2 things tweaked not because it was wrong but because I thought of an adjustment and they came and fixed to my need immediately. Well done Bethesda Closets and you will be well served should you need a new (beautiful) custom closet.
Parker Mabry
Parker Mabry
17 August 2023
Great guy easy to work with. Made a delivery to him and he came out the night before to get it. Couldn't ask for a better customer!
Morgan Miller
Morgan Miller
29 September 2022
Couldn't be happier with the work
Don Robinson
Don Robinson
17 October 2019
LOVE Mike and Bethesda Custom Closets. We called him when our closets, installed by someone else, turned out to be defective. He fixed us right up and didn't charge an arm and a leg.
Joan Brady
Joan Brady
17 February 2018
I had my daughters closet set up with shelves and hanging rods and loved it so much that I had my second daughter’s done the same way 6 yrs later. My sister has also now used Bethesda custom closets for both of her kids. It helps enormously with staying organized and the quality is excellent
Tania Randell
Tania Randell
17 February 2018

Unleash the potential of your space

At Bethesda Custom Closets, we create your closet design at no cost to you. Just call us for a free, no-obligation consultation appointment. From there, we’ll design, build, and install the closet organizer system of your dreams.

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